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Gaiatech is the leading city Seyssinet company in the field of numerical geotechnical surveying of sites for the construction of civil engineering works, residential, commercial buildings, sports facilities and landscaping. With our ability to document the life cycle of a project, we generate a higher value for our customers in the design, financing, construction and operation of a project. Gaiatech The company implements the scientific and technical resources to respond to new risks of the 21st century in the field of Geotechnical Engineering and Sustainable Development, at several levels:

- Natural hazards associated with the natural variability of soil
- Hydraulic Risks of internal erosion of hydraulic structures (earth dam, wet or dry dikes, ....)
For this Gaiatech has developed new tools:
- Scientifically, through the design and dissemination of new program for the interpretation of pressuremeter test;
- At the technological level, the design and dissemination of a new test in situ, the Géomécamètre;

- At engineering level, by specific preliminary geotechnical site survey missions (G11), ground investigation
Pre-project (G12), project geotechnical study (G2), study and geotechnical monitoring execution (G3), controlling

Geotechnical execution (G4) which are carreied out. We offer a range of innovative products and services to the highest international levels. Discover our philosophy of product delivery. We invite you to take a look at some of our projects here at our website.

Our offices are located at 22 rue Antoine Chollier in the city of Seyssinet. If you would like a quote for a project, please feel free to visit our contact page.
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