GaiaSuf, a new software to evaluate the internal erosion of the soil

20/04/2017 16:29
GaiaSuf The GaiaSuf software makes it possible to evaluate the risk of internal erosion on the soil of dykes and earth dams. It uses as data, the granulometric curve of the soil, and the hydraulic gradient. It evaluates for a downward vertical flow, the risk of suffusion...

New book "In Situ Tests in Geotechnical Engineering"

31/12/2015 12:05
In situ geotechnical tests have long suffered from a lack of credibility amongst academics who have always preferred laboratory tests where test conditions are known and optimal measures are controlled. In this title, the author reinstalled in situ geotechnical tests in the field of civil...

Gaiapress the new program for the interpretation of pressuremeter test

07/10/2015 15:02
The software allows: • Managing folders sites and pressuremeter tests • Managing drilling • Managing probes • Managing own expansion and own resistance tests • Editing pressuremeter test reports in paper form The software helps managing Pressuremeter measures, measures from pressuremeter...

The Geomechameter : A new in-situ geotechnical test

03/10/2015 16:59
The Géomécamètre is a new in-situ test to measure all mechanical characteristics needed for geotechnical and projets of foundations. This device allows, through an external water circulation at the probe: • To adjust the vertical stress at a level chosen by the experimenter • To measure the elastic...

Questions and Feedback

02/10/2015 16:28
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Welcome to our new website

01/10/2015 16:27
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