Monnet (2021) Expected precision of the pressuremeter results - ISC'6 2020 Budapest

The development of numerical methods and the need to define presicion for calculations mrans that the admissible margins of error for calculations must be defined, specialy on the pressuremeter parameters (EM and pLM), which are used for foundation design. The pressuremeter parameters which are used for the design of foundations are assumed here to follow a Gaussian distribution curve. The error theory is used to define the precision of yhe pressuremeter module EM and the limit pressure pLM. It is applied ro a sery of pressuremeter tests used as a benchmark for the ARSCOP French National Project. The precision of the pressuremeter modulus is shown highlyrelated to the accuracy of the pressure and volume measurements, xhereas the limit pressure precision is mostly linked to the determinayion of the creep pressure.


Download :Monnet 2021 - Expected precision of pressuremeter results V2 - Paper ISC2020-480.pdf