GaiaSuf, a new software to evaluate the internal erosion of the soil


The GaiaSuf software makes it possible to evaluate the risk of internal erosion on the soil of dykes and earth dams. It uses as data, the granulometric curve of the soil, and the hydraulic gradient.
It evaluates for a downward vertical flow, the risk of suffusion from the criteria of:
  •  Kenney and Lau (1985)
  • Burenkova (1993)
  •  Kezdi (1979)
  • Kovacs (1981)
  • Lafleur (1999)
  • Wan and Fell (2004)

The software allows to evaluate the critical gradient corresponding to the beginning of the internal erosion, for an ascending vertical flow, from the criteria of:

  • Terzaghi (1935)
  • Monnet (1998)
  • Li and Fannin (2016)

... and for a horizontal flow, using the criteria of:

  • Adel (1988)
  • Monnet, Plé and Nguyen (2016)

Available in Windows, it can be downloaded from the internet

> Command the software :
  • Den Adel (1988)
  • Monnet (1998)